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Updated: Aug 10, 2021


  • Todos Primero | Canal Capital (Colombia)

Capital's "Todos Primero" won the award for Best Multiplatform Content at the # PremiosTAL2020

ELEVADOR FILMS, headed by Andrés Pereáñez and Alejandra Chica, were the post-producer of the series, directed by Henry Rivero and created by Alejandro Escobar.

Todos Primero tells the story of the Los Naranjos neighborhood, where a struggle is brewing between the park and corruption, by private interests that take advantage of the apathy of a divided community. Camilo arrives there, a 22-year-old young man, very intelligent, but conflictive. Life has taken a turn for him and he is forced to return to live with Constanza, his mother, with whom he does not get along at all, and whom he finds involved with a cause that he considers lost: the defense of a deteriorated, forgotten park. and turned into a pot and garbage can.

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TAL is the Union of public and cultural channels of Latin America.

A space for co-production, exchange and strengthening of public service television systems in the region.

Culture of Cooperation.

Community of channels and collective actions for the mutual strengthening and positioning of Latin America.

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The members of TAL are committed to integration in diversity, aesthetic innovation and commitment to reality.

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The TAL Awards recognize the work of public television stations in Latin America.

2020 is not an easy year: the pandemic changed our plans and we had to work under other parameters, facing - among other challenges - the great challenges of homeschooling and safe information for the care of the public.

We respond from our nature of public service with useful programming and content for the various audiences that once again find an alternative for education, entertainment and company in public television. We do it from a logic of solidarity and cooperation.

The TAL Network recognizes and celebrates the work of television in Latin America with what has become the most important and prestigious awards in public television.

TAL 2020 Awards.

Audiovisual production. Nature of service. Public television stations in Latin America.


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