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HYBRID SOUNDS, oficial selection on FAM, MERCOSUR 2021

Selected projects for ECM + LAB 2021 August 10, 2021

the International Festival of Cine Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur

The market event of the International Festival of Cine Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur, I have a record number of entries for this year's edition and also selected participants

With 31 confirmed players and the list growing, the 5th edition of the Mercosur Coproduction Meeting - ECM+LAB this year counts, in addition to the Laboratory , with the differential of providing a library that will form part of the online catalog with videos pitchings, teasers y Proyectos para Comercialización, available only to players and producers participating in the ECM. This year the ECM+LAB has received 190 entries from 15 countries. 81 projects have been selected in the Library Modality , 28 projects have been selected for the Negotiation Modality + LAB , from these 12 vans to participate in theLaboratorio , in addition to the 6 films released for the Muestra Work in Progress.

Of the 28 selected for the Business Mode, 23 have women in the production or direction, 12 are in Largometrajes fiction, siete in series of fiction and in series in documentary. In this edition, 31 Players are confirmed: Amazon Studios, Boccato Productions, Bolivia Lab, Boulevard Filmes, Box Brazil, Buenos Aires International Film Festival - BAFICI, BrLab, Canal Brasil, CINeBRASilTV, Cruz del Sur CINE, Diamond Films, Framing Produções, Entrefronteras, Galeria Distribuidora, Habanero, Morethan Films, Murillo Cine, O2 Play, Ocean Films, Panda Films, Preciosa Media, Promoter, Producers and Film Projects Salon - SAPCINE, SANFIC Industry, Star+ (Disney), Telecine, Ufilms, Under the Milky Way, VIS (responsible for development and production of all Viacom channels Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount+, Comedy Central, Nick JR and Telefé), Showcase Filmes and WarnerMedia. All those enrolled in ECM+LAB 2021 can participate in training courses focused on entrepreneurship in the Audiovisual sector of the EAD Platform of Sebrae, Project Objective. The LAB will start on August 20th with the consultants of specialists and other activities will be between September 24th and 29th together with the realization of FAM 2021- Reflection. However, it is possible to participate in the ECM+LAB 2021 in the Oyente modality and see the pitching sessions, the Work in Progress Show (films in progress), consult the Project Library and participate in online conversations in real time. The inscriptions will open next 23/8 through the website The 25th Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosur has the sponsorship of Sebrae and is a realization of the Cultural Association Panvision and Muringa Audiovisuales Productions.

• Library Modality:

Hybrid Sounds | Bliss Media & Elevator Films | Colombia

SONIDOS HIBRIDOS has just started its journey at the BAM (Bogotá Audiovisual Market), where it was selected in the ¨Projects Series¨ category.

SONIDOS HIBRIDOS is a production of Bliss Media and Elevador Films, a project developed in the content laboratory of Elevador Films Lab, co-led by Andrés Pereáñez and Alejandra Chica.

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