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PRODU: Working on a documentary series between Mexico, Canada and Colombia

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Jaime Quintero|04 de noviembre de 2020

Andrés Pereáñez, CCO of Elevador Films, told PRODU that he has been working on the post-production of the documentary series Inexpugnables (3x24´) between Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

Inexpugnables is a winning documentary series of the 2020 call of MinTIC (Ministries of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia), in which the protagonists, three women affected by the internal armed conflict in Colombia and victims of forced displacement, relate the steps of their personal processes since their arrival in Bogotá, which have led them to relevant leadership roles and social work in search of the reestablishment of their social and cultural rights, positively impacting other victims, their environments and localities.

“Currently the series is in the process of filming, from different locations in the city of Bogotá and Santa Marta; At the same time, progress is being made with the post-production stage, by Elevador Films, with a team based in Colombia, Mexico and Canada, as part of the business model and the strategies assumed by the current pandemic situation, which allows us to have talent around the world, thus guaranteeing the best quality in our work ”, comments Pereáñez.

The series is executive produced by Diana Solórzano and will be broadcast on national public television.


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