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PRODU: Teleworking not only makes workflows more efficient, it also deepens the human connection

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Jaime Quintero|07 de enero de 2021

Andrés Pereáñez, CCO of Elevador Films, said that during 2020 they saw the opportunity to validate creative processes and work on the development of technologies to enhance teamwork from different geographies.

“The project that perhaps presented the greatest challenge, due to its very complexity, was the reality show Arrieros Somos, a production of Eje360 for Telecafé, in which the work of the arrieros of the Eje Cafetero is highlighted and has a social purpose and was post-produced totally remotely ”comments Pereáñez.

In addition, he stressed that remote work is not only about efficiency in workflows, but also about human connection, this being the key to a good job.

“We are currently working on the documentary series Inexpugnables, a project that is being post-produced between Colombia, Mexico and Canada. We are also in the post-production stage between Mexico and the Middle East of a documentary series that narrates the development and evolution of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) represented by the BRAVE Combat Federation brand, changing the paradigm of this sport, told from the meaning of the 'path of the warrior', the heroism and the struggle of its protagonists to get ahead ”.

This is a co-production of Elevador Films with the KHK Sports group, BRAVE Combat Federation and the Kingdom of Bahrain, Middle East and that will be ready for sale and distribution during the first quarter of 2021.


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