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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

by Andrés Pereáñez

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

From November 26 to December 6, the Cali International Film Festival FICCALI 2020 arrives, an invitation to experience “CINEMA PARA NUESTRO TIEMPO” in person, and virtually for all of Colombia.

The Cali International Film Festival presents from November 26 to December 6, 2020: “Cinema for Our Time”, a strange and disturbing time, but also a time that comes with the strength of a rebellious generation and that without shame questions social models obsolete. The cinema that we present in this hybrid edition is a cinema that takes risks, that tells its stories from an anti-patriarchal and inclusive perspective.

The experience of watching cinema and the connection it generates between thought and the senses is lived differently in virtuality and in public space. When we talk about being a hybrid festival, what we propose is an expanded dialogue, which exists in those radically different spaces and platforms, but which are fundamental to our way of communicating in the present.

56 films, national and international guests, academic and industry programming, book launches and screenings in communes.

Connect to from Tuesday, November 24, 2020.

Among the categories in which you can participate in the festival is the V Hall of Cinematographic Producers and Projects directed by Alina Hleap, created with the purpose of continuing to strengthen projects in the development, production or post-production stage of fiction, documentary feature films or animation.

Elevador Films participates for the fifth consecutive year as an ally of the Hall of Cinematographic Producers and Projects, supporting the development of cinema in the region, awarding six prizes of $ 20,000,000 each to the national or international projects that participate in the event.

Do not miss the FICCALI 2020.

#CineEnElCorazón #CineParaNuestroTiempov

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