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PRODU: "Industry prepared for this without knowing it"

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Ernesto Ecarri|07 de abril de 2020

Andrés Pereáñez, CCO of Elevador Films, highlights the value of technology to face challenges such as the current situation.

Content post-production doesn't stop. Audio and video editing is an aspect that has been developing intensely in recent years and in the face of the covid-19 contingency, many production houses are putting their workflow to the test.

From Elevador Films, a company born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 2017, they consider that remote work has been developing “naturally” since its inception. "Fortunately, the technology industry has been preparing for this, without even knowing that at some point it was going to be the only way to work," says Andrés Pereáñez, CCO of Elevador Films.

“We are working with several projects. In large projects, such as series, that demand a wide material flow, we work with Avid Media Cloud, which allows us to handle the same media anywhere in the world, and thus guarantee that the work is not interrupted ”.

“We also work with DaVinci Resolve or Premiere from Adobe. In these cases we go to our own server and storage at our headquarters in Colombia ”.

Pereáñez highlights the value of the human team for remote workflows. “The most difficult thing is to find a team of collaborators that adapts to this working method. We have been working like this since the beginning in 2017 and we have found committed and, above all, responsible talent that fully responds to that system. That is why we believe that we have a certain advantage over other options on the market ”.


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