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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

by Andrés Pereáñez

Posted on Oct 29, 2020

When the BRAVE Combat Federation concluded “Kombat Kingdom,” the series of three consecutive events in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the truly global MMA promotion also turned four years old, completing 48 months of operations. In this time, BRAVE CF became the second sports organization to visit 5 different continents.

What makes BRAVE CF's achievement even more impressive is the fact that it is the only other promotion to do so. The UFC has been around since 1992 and it took 17 years from its first program to expand to its fifth continent.

With BRAVE CF, on the other hand, things happened much faster. The Bahrain-based organization, founded by His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, began operations in September 2016 and was already traveling to South America for its third event to present a show in Brazil.

With Asia and South America covered, the next step was to conquer North America and that came in 2017, with BRAVE CF 7: Untamed, which took place in Tijuana, Mexico. The year 2018 marked a great milestone for the promotion, with 12 events in 12 different countries, and the rapid global expansion culminated.

In June 2018, BRAVE CF landed for the first time in Europe, with BRAVE CF 13, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Two months later, in August 2018, Morocco was the first African country to host an international Mixed Martial Arts event and BRAVE CF reached the five-continent mark in record time, doing so in less than two full years of existence.


Unlike any other MMA promotion, BRAVE Combat Federation quickly began its process of internationalization in its operations. According to a report in MMA Premium, a popular Brazilian MMA news website, the third event held by BRAVE CF was also the first overseas and thus the truly global MMA promotion covered 12,000 kilometers on its first trip. abroad, reaching Brazil.

After BRAVE CF 3, during the press conference in Curitiba, the president of BRAVE CF, Mohammed Shahid, said that the promotion had a commitment to Brazil as a country and to the development of the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in the nation.

The fastest growing MMA promotion in the world made sure to deliver on the commitment and has since become one of only two international promotions to host 4 events in 3 years in the country, according to the MMA Premium report. .

In 2017, BRAVE CF 3 and BRAVE CF 8 took place in Curitiba. The following years, 2018 and 2019, saw two consecutive events in Belo Horizonte. A fifth event was already scheduled for March 2020 in Balneário Camboriu, but it had to be suspended due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

With this position, BRAVE Combat Federation had become a focal point for Brazilian athletes, both when the promotion landed in the South American nation and when the greatest regional talents were required to compete abroad. The promotion has also seen Brazilian wrestlers reclaim the throne with championship wins. Currently, the lightweight champion is Brazilian Cleiton Silva. His compatriot Luan Santiago had previously held the lightweight title. Lucas Mineiro, who held the lightweight belt and Daniel Gaucho, who held the middleweight belt, are the other two former Brazilian BRAVE CF champions.

The feat of BRAVE CF is even more impressive when you consider that the Bahrain-based promotion, founded by His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, was the only one that has not stopped its investments and presence in the country of Brazil. for the last few years.

Thus, with a program of development and commitment to the home of Mixed Martial Arts, the BRAVE Combat Federation established itself as the leading force for a new system for the sport of MMA.


BRAVE Combat Federation, the Bahrain-based mixed martial arts promotion founded by His Highness Sheikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa, is known as the truly global promotion of MMA. And that is no accident. Since the beginning of its operations in 2016, BRAVE CF has the global characteristic in its DNA and promoted most of the shows abroad, including many international debuts in the host countries.

One of the most successful cases is definitely Colombia. The South American country was known as a talent factory in the region, under the direction of the Colombian MMA Federation and local events.

Understanding the need for an international platform for local athletes, BRAVE Combat Federation initiated a program focused on empowering the Colombian MMA scene, which included multiple coordinated actions and two international events in the country.

In addition to the opportunity for Colombian athletes to compete in an international event, BRAVE CF also brought some of the world's biggest MMA stars to compete in the country, offering Colombian fans the unique opportunity to witness some of the best fighters. of the world competing. at home as well as raising the bar in terms of competition for local athletes.

The strategy has proven to be very successful and quickly Colombia became a key and strategic market not only for BRAVE CF but also for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. The Colombian talent pool grew in depth and business and diplomatic opportunities were created.

Despite the challenging circumstances of 2020, the BRAVE Combat Federation has assembled the strongest COVID-19 protocol in the MMA industry and has so far held 10 events in four different countries, including three European nations, Slovenia, Romania and Sweden.

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