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BAJO FUEGO, a project co-produced by ELEVADOR FILMS begins the final stage of post-production

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

BAJO FUEGO: Winning project of the IV Hall of Producers and Cinematographic Projects of the FICCALI, International Film Festival of Cali

A Documentary on the challenges of peace in Colombia

After an agreement to end the armed conflict in Colombia, coca growers seek peace in a territory that is still at war. Bajo Fuego is the story of peasants in southwestern Colombia who survive amid the most difficult obstacles: a government that delays in fulfilling what it promised, death threats from new armed actors, and enormous economic difficulties that put pressure on the families in their daily lives.

In 2016, a historic Peace Agreement was signed between the Colombian government and the FARC-EP guerrilla. But the implementation of the Accord turned out to be much more difficult. Through the life stories of a group of peasants, this documentary shows the continuation of the war in Cauca, one of the areas most affected by violence. It is about the lives of poor peasants who, being coca growers, peasant guards and social leaders, are committed to the promised future of peace but face personal, economic and political frustrations to achieve it.

After having lived for more than 5 decades in the midst of violence, these peasants seek peace amid the most difficult obstacles: a government that takes time to fulfill what it promised, death threats from new armed actors and enormous economic difficulties. that put pressure on families in their daily lives. Peace, as a belated promise, turns out to be more an illusion than a reality when armed groups organize in this territory, assassinations occur and social leaders are threatened and displaced.

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