Andrés Pereáñez

CCO - Chief Creative Officer


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Colombian producer, editor, conceptual editor, colorist and audiovisual producer, member of Associated Colombian Editors, ECCA, with training from different academic, audiovisual, humanities, advertising and fine arts backgrounds. This diversity of languages ​​and visual discourses has allowed him to carry out his work for more than 15 years, participating in important projects, feature films, documentaries, cultural television, children's television, reality and commercials, for the main national and international channels such as History Chanel, Fox , Nat Geo, Discovery, Sony, Caracol Televisión, RCN, audiovisual production companies such as TELESET, Fox Telecolombia, Estudios TeleMéxico and Advertising agencies such as LEO BURNET, developing a particular style, audiovisual concept and creative sensitivity, which added to a wide experience in different formats, puts at the service of each audiovisual project.